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A Crowdplay Mystery Game set in a small town where you play as a Shiba Inu dog who must find out what happened to his missing owner.

What’s hiding in your closet?

Shibe is set in Hamlet, a small town complete with a diverse group of characters from the mild-mannered schoolteacher to the friendly neighborhood drug dealer. You play as the lovable Shiba Inu dog who must find out what happened to his owner who went missing. However, in your investigation, it seems that right as you start to unravel the thread of one mystery you end up uncovering another and another. Your neighbors might not be as normal as they may seem. What do they have hiding in their closet? What bones are buried in their backyard? Which neighbor is performing occult rituals and which one’s husband died in a mysterious boating accident? You and your friends will have to decide how to investigate.

Shibe grew from the idea that we all have secrets. A murder investigation could uncover an underground slavery ring that is totally unrelated to the killing. Firefighters responding to an electrical fire could unearth a massive LSD manufacturing operation. Even typing something into the search bar on your mom’s computer could open a Pandora’s box. So many mysteries in life can present themselves when you just start digging beneath the surface.


Shibe is inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Decisions are made by the group. You must talk it out like the dysfunctional family you are and collectively decide how to proceed. Should you try to fight or run? Are you good at logic puzzles or better at Holmesian-like deduction?

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About Shibe Mysteries

John Greer

I’m a writer among other things who grew up mainly in the Central Valley of California before moving to Berkeley. Periods of instability and destitution in my life as well as my love for business have inspired me to start my own company and strive to do work that I believe in.

I graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science which has been surprisingly more useful in game development than one might think.

My interests include movies, books, seeking out novel experiences and filming them (like eating balut, judging a singing competition, and visiting Pixar), and martial arts.

Other assorted interests:

Psychoactive drugs, especially psychedelics and empathogens

Futurism: artificial intelligence, especially FAI research, robotics, automation, nanotechnology, and life extension

Effective Altruism

Philosophy, especially concerning truth, empiricism, rationality, the grey areas of morality and ethics, consciousness, and the nature of reality

Christmas: I’m the guy that starts blasting Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving to everyone’s annoyance. I even wrote an essay on what Christmas means to me.

The astute will notice many of these themes from my life in Shibe.

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Robert Davidson

I'm a programmer. It's kind of my thing. I self-taught on BASIC then Common Lisp and finally Python. Java, ruby, haskell, C, etc sprinkled about. These days Javascript too. Actually I lied: my first programming experience was with Starcraft 1.

I grew up in Ohio and the Californian Deep North (Yreka not Eureka). My adult life has been almost entirely in or around Berkeley.

My interests include the standard nerd fare: video games, board games (think Settlers not Monopoly), pen & paper games, and comics (though not superhero - think Walking Dead and Fables). I do watch superhero TV and movies - Jessica Jones is my most recent.

I'm a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson's work. I've read all of his Cosmere books and most of his young adult novels. Shibe Mysteries doesn't really have a magic system but any future games I make that do will be heavily influenced by the Cosmere.

Not a fan of Star Wars. I get why people like it but it doesn't resonate with me. Star Trek does though - TNG is excellent.

My favorite game of all time is definitely Minecraft; especially heavily modded. If Minecraft pulled more from Dwarf Fortress then it would be perfect... perfect... it's probably best that isn't so since I do need to pay rent and eat and stuff.

I've been vegan for over a decade now. Long enough that I don't really think about it as a notable feature about me. It surprises most people but it just seems normal to me. It's y'all's meat-eating that's strange.

You can insert John's lines about futurism and philosophy here and it will equally apply to me. I do have a greater fondness for nihilism than John though.

History of Shibe Mysteries

Shibe Mysteries LLC was incorporated in December of 2014 by two buddies who met seven year prior in a history class taught by a communist in Berkeley, CA. Cliche right? We’ve been through quite a few crazy adventures since then, many of which inspired events in our game. We want to make games that are different from all the prosaic games that are just clones of one another. We like those rare experiences that get our hearts racing and get people talking. That’s the good stuff. That’s Shibe Mysteries.